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    Endo Juan (Edited )

    Hi all,

    Please do let us share the good news that Support for the Gear S2, S3 and Gear Fit 2 is on its way and it will be available in the upcoming weeks. An official announcement with more information will be shared with all our users in the next few days.

    Thank you very much for your support and patience



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    David Dal Ben

    I agree.  Just signed up as a premium last week as I assumed if the S2 was supported, the S3 would be too.  I'm now wearing an S3 and can't find a way to link.

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    Jonathan Shorter

    Same here - I'll be cancelling my Premium subscription, very regrettably, if S3 isn't going to be supported. Samsung Health sucks and doesn't sync with myfitnesspal, fitbit etc either.

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    Henrik Thomasson

    According to this link there is support for Gear S3, but not Gear S2. Please try it out and add your thoughts here.

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    Daryl P

    Yes please.  I just purchased a Gear S3 and love this watch.  I would appreciate support for the S3 in Endomondo.

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    David Dal Ben

    That link makes no mention of the S3. It isn't supported.

    For now I get around it by still carrying the phone so endo uses the phones GPS but my phone gets its S Health data from the S3 watch.

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    Nikolaj Kaa Olsen


    No it is the Sony smartwatch 3. 



    I'm really hoping you are right. You have been supporting alot of the gear devices, so would be really sad now that samsung is bringing a device that could run stand alone.

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    Jesús Enamorado

    Yes, please. Let as know as soon as you get support on Gear S3

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    Edward van der Veen

    Totally ridiculous that Endomondo still fails to support the S2 and now the S3. "We will be looking into this option in the new year" is not much of a promise. Well, maybe I get used to Samsung Health.......

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    Petr Musil

    Hallo same from me - I'd love to use full version of Endomondo but with S3 - SPEED UP to make dreams happen - THANK YOU


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    Lawrence McBane

    I recently puchased the Gear S3 and love not taking my phone along with me when I run.  S Health is not as good as Endomondo but it gets the job done.  I would love stand alone Endomondo support or at least the option to easily pair the apps.  Thank you!

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    Robert Jurek

    Same me. I have purchased Gear S3 Frontier recently and would like not to be forced to stop using Endomondo. Currently I run both S Health and Endomondo when doing my activities but will have to stop when it gets warmer and I stop carrying my phone with me.


    Endomondo team - please give us Gear S3 support. Thank you.

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    andrea lava

    Andrea news Juan?

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    Gennady Garbovich

    Please add support for S2/S3 its very important 

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    Антон Родионов

    Yes please add support gear s3

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