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    r o b

    Frustrating, very much.
    We live in the age of stupid product management and contra productive development.
    The problem is, that you add some generally useless functionality and remove other functionality, which was very used by some of your customers.
    You changed the look ('great' but useless), add columns customization ('good' but useless as original setup covered fully the needs), you didn't add capability of compare more workouts, perhaps some merge changes (useless as when customer needs merge, he does it working with exported xml).
    You removed capability of accept 'like' clause in title search. If this is true, I didn't find how to apply the clause, then you made me incapable of using my title system for selection of workouts .
    Thanks very much !!!
    There is no smart application for workouts maintenance for a sportsman now on the market. I'm now seriously thinking about launching development of new Sports workouts application platform with focus to smart workouts analysis and maintenance.
    You have been promising some years ago. But you have thrown the potential to the black hole of kidding about workouts instead putting energy to develop smart workout analysis.
    Sorry, but disappointment is deep.

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    Zsolt Kukucska

    Is it possible to add the feature of changing the order of the workouts? For example: I want to see my ten longest runs or five fastest cyclings or whatever.


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    Tomasz Kuliś

    You are pathetic! Your new look adds nothing to funcionality! Of course this is matter of taste but I find it uglier and less readable than the old version.
    Major mistake you made is that you can no longer sort your workouts (e.g. from fastest to slowest). You can only FILTER tham but they do not SORT! This is ridiculous, how can you overlook that?

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    Wow...You sure dumbed down the product! Why? How can I export so I can do what I need?

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    Игорь Хайкин
    It would be great, if U add the totals in each columns. 4 example: I filter several workouts and see the total of distance, duration and so on. Thanks in advance! P.S. Is it possible to add russian interface?
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    It will be nice if I can export or only print the history Thanks
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    Andrew Mendenhall
    This version stinks and adds no value. Why on earth would you change something that worked well. Now it is useless. No more sorting in history, why on earth would you take that away? How am I easily supposed to see how todays run compares to the over 200 runs from the past, scroll through them all??
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    Allan Hartmann Andersen
    This new page is bad and I hope you replace it with the old one.
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    Jim Jensen
    Øv øv, hvor er den nye side meget træls at læse og meget grim :-(
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    Andy Milnes
    Why have you removed the functionality of adding a title to a workout so that you can easily locate a previous workout. Re add this functionality or Endomondo will be deleted and my account closed. I do not want to search by date or mileage.
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    Owen mcloughlin
    I am confused, I used to be able to compare my progress with people of my age etc, that seems to have gone, don't know why!!!!
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    Peter Wagner
    I am also missing "peer benchmark" and sorting workouts by pace/distance/etc ... sorry, I was perfectly happy with the old layout ...
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    Sebastian B

    The new version is terrible
    How can I go back to the old page view

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    Tristan Davis

    Introduced new bug...I am set to display using metrics, but although it displays the tag "km" or "min/km" in the details for a workout, the value is actually in miles. For example, I did a 10k run yesterday. The details show it was a "6.23 km" run (distance), with an avg pace of "9:49 min/km" and max pace of "8:25 min/km" with an elevation of "1209m"....all clearly MILES, not kilometer numbers (or FEET not meters for the elevation).

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    airtay F

    Agree with Andee, I need titles to find my workouts easyer
    Please do it back

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    Louis Cardoni

    Bring back Peer Benchmark, these recent changes are not for the better....time to start thinking about exporting data, moving to a new app and cancelling premium.

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    David Jones

    This is a small thing. I just got a new phone and began to use its power save function only to find that limits the location function to the point that my workout is not mapped. I use the same route often so I had it saved. I attempted to edit the workout and select the route that I had used but I was told that the selected route differed too much from the actual route and could not be selected. My mileage is correct but I cannot override the faulty mapping. I have disabled power save mode.

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    Ted Snyder

    Have to agree! Your product started out good and saw some improvements, but at last it is the pits. To try to use this newest version with so many features removed is very bad. Bad data display = Bad app. Would please consider backing up to a more useful version?

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    Pawel Ziembik

    After 2 years of premium account I am forced to cancel it. Underarmour is another corporation that knows better what their customers need than customers themselves. My subscription ends in July 2016. I will renew it only if following functions will return: peer benchmark and widgets on android. We can live without you, can you live without us??? Goodbye

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    Martin Holuša

    I fully agree with Pawel. Peer benchmark was very usefull and motivated tool and I miss it in the new version. I am going to prolong my premium subscription if peer benchmark is back, otherwise I will look for better solution. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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    Jean-Francois Guay

    Can't believe peer benchmark is gone! That's most why I was keeping premium membership. Unless it's brought back, I am a goner. Same with the training plans. We put it your current fitness level, and still, at the end of the plan, it tells you you can expect to run at the same pace. Pretty useless if you ask me. These two features alone are why I upgraded. Now I want to be reimbursed.

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    Andrius Varadero

    You have removed peer benchmark, I have cancelled the membership. Thanks, but I do not like somebody taking away stuff that I bought.

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    Simon Purdy

    WTF Peer benchmark gone as well.
    Why? can you please let us all know?

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    Jeff Belvel

    What happened to being able to attach an individual workout to a training plan workout????!

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    Lubos Frank Jäger

    I asked some time ago how to get on the display of my Smartphone-Samsung (Android 4.2) a map of the area I am walking in ans how I can transfer/synchronize the routes I have walked from the Phone to my PC-history file - can somebody answer my 2 above questions?

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    Michael C.H. Gricksch

    Please bring back the peer benchmark, it was the great motivator to go faster and further.

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    Marcin Staniszczak

    Why there is no more peer benchmark? :/

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    Török Tamás

    "We're sorry to see you go, but we hope you enjoyed your Premium membership. We are continuously working on new Premium features, so if you change your mind and want to keep the Premium benefits, you are always welcome back."

    Continuously working on new premium features, yeah right, what a joke... more like working on taking them away silently, hoping we won't notice... Sorry Endomondo, no more money for you, free app is enough to track time and distance anyways.

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    Pawel Ziembik

    I do realise that I am a drop in the sea and nothing really changes to corporation like underarmour. But really? I last 2 years I incited at least 40 - 50 people directly to endomondo and Myfitnesspal. I don't even know how many more indirectly. In 6 months I bought 2 pairs of runners and other sports gear. I didn't even look at Anderarmour. Well done!

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    Pawel Ziembik

    I invited.... (spelling mistake)

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