iPhone app update 10.5.3 - This update includes a bug fix for the login issue.

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    Gábor Antal

    Thanks, now it really fixed the login issue!

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    Sif Drachmann Thomsen

    When I click on "History" to add a class in the app, the screen freeze. What to do??

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    Same issue with the History page after this update - freezes then crashes out. Was fine yesterday before the update. Have tried restarting app and iPhone. Running iOS9.

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    Simone Miduri

    Still unable to use bluetooth sensor. This is really annoying as I cannot monitor heart rate.

    I'm on a iPhone 6 with latest iOS 9

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    002 xxxfido

    This version of the problem is serious, fast pace recorded on Friday, Sunday is very slow pace of record, the data are not allowed, no reference running.

    I'm on a iPhone4s with iOS 8.4.1

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    Jo ❣️

    i am not getting all of my peps, out of 24 peps , i hear only 3 ? tonight i heard 2, when 8 were sent?

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    i notice a bug in 12 mins test time calculation. test is auto planned by general automatic workouts plan and include a 1st 5mins phase warm up, 12 min max speed phase,5 min warmdown phase. the time of 12 min test is wrong calculated including warm up and warm down phase..resulting in a slow pace run

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    Chris Nielsen

    And I can't choose to follow my personal routes anymore..... please fix :-)

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    Asia Kotwica

    I can't see my workout on my profile and in the history while other can see it! :) fix it please :)

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    Marcin Marek Szary

    Unfortunately I can not turn on the audio settings in the English version, available languages are Danish, French, German, Japanese Italian, Spanish. Please help. iPhone 4S iOS 9.0.2

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    Anne-Mette Langvad

    Efter jeg har skiftet telefon til 6S+ virker gps ikke når telefon skærm er slukket :-( Har haft 5 hvor den virkede fint på og har været rigtig glad for appen, håber at I kan få det fixet :-)

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    Morné Zaayman

    I still cannot log in.

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    MaryEllen Pratt

    Can't choose English as a language for audio coach b

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    Tomasz Flak

    I have problems with history and addting new training. Iphone5. Any solutions?

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    Sarah AlOtaibi

    I can't log in :(

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