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    Patrik Carlsson

    Wait, Stop! It does not work yet!

    On tablets I get a "touchfriendly" view that lacks all useful info!

    Make it possible to opt out of mobileadapted webpage!

    Add best distances to both app view and mobile web view,
    And add graph to mobile web....

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    Aharon Nizani

    How can I delete a workout

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    Tomek Trzaskacz

    Dear Endomondo

    Why you try one more time change page layout to another one? Last time, few months ago, you did it and this action was hated by users. Now, you try do exactly the same. What I don't like is: new calendar (old one is more readable and more clear), and new bars/pillars with pace (they are to far from each other). Please keep this two points like in old view, and everybody will be happy.
    Best Regards

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    Christian Humphrey

    I agree with Patrik. I now cannot get any useful data on my mobile using the website as it does not let me into desktop view.

    When I log on using the laptop, I see that the HR zones are no longer there in the workout graph so I can't easily see what zone I was in at a specific point in time. That's one of the main analysis data points taken away! You've kept the graph for the HR zones for the session overall, thankfully.

    "But why are you trying to use the website and not the app?" I hear you ask...

    Well, because the graphical data on the app is so poor as to be useless. I'll happily show you examples if you like. While you're at it, could you at least allow the graphs in the app to be viewed in landscape?

    It makes me question whether you guys actually use the software you develop in reality, or just say "That looks pretty, let's go with that!"

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    Piotr Drewnik

    @Christian: I agree... especially as this was a premium feature, which was removed without a change in the price.

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    Janne Vuopala

    I agree - this new layout is horrible!! How can i input manually my average HR to the excercise?

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    Arkadiusz Wojciechowski

    How can I turn back to old layout? This new one is fu...ed up.

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    Grzesiek Krzystek

    I use Geonaute Onmove 510 and line chart of pace is like this In old layout of endo web site pace line was good. Where is the problem?

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    Constant Olivier

    How can I sent a email (every 30 min) to show my race progress? On my profile page is a Share button and it give me the link to the workout. There is no way I can do this while I am racing.
    Please help

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    Piotr Kaktus Mieszczak

    Horrible the new lay out is. Who the fuck is your designer? Let him go and please restore the old version!!! The new one is completly shitty.

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    The Dude

    Your MERGE function for workouts seems to have a problem in the new system. It used to work fine, but now it seems to want to make the workout into a closed/continuous loop. It forcing the ends to meet even though they shouldn't. I had two cycling workouts yesterday: First, I left my house and went 36 miles. Then, I ended that workout. Later, I started another another ride from a DIFFERENT location and rode back to home. After merging, it is forcing the end of the 1st ride to go onto the start of the 2nd ride. It shouldn't do this and it has never done this before. This is a feature I use a lot. Ironically, it does NOT include the miles between the end of the 1st ride and the start of the 2nd as part of the merged workout. It just draws it that way. See my workout on Oct 1, 2015 to see what I'm talking about.

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    The Dude

    Also, I have no scale on the right for elevation/altitude anymore. It a graph of elevation, but there's no scale to see where I'm at.

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    Jeff Davison

    Please return the classic view. This "new and improved version" is bad. Viewing your own examples showing before and after for the lap grouping and graph analysis, it is easy to see that the before options are nicer on both. Why have you spaced the lap bars out so much? It is easier to compare your lap paces when they are grouped closer. Also the colours selected for the laps are unpleasant. The option to change the lap distances is nice though. The graphs are now almost to the point of being useless, and where is the elevation axis? Please give us the "classic" version back.

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    Jan Fensten

    Jeres nye layout er meget bedre end jeres beta version, men var heller ikke en værdig mplestok. Men som premium bruger bliver jeg irreteret når i forringer produktet ved at fjerne pulsdata graf og laps fra touchscreen apperater. Det er vigtig information som pludselig er utilgængelig. Hvorfor har i fjernet denne vitale information ???

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    Ricki Lauridsen

    Why cant I take all of my workouts down from my garmin anymore? Now I have to take them one at the time from file, thats fuck up... What the reason for that?

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    marc saussey


    the special events tab disappeared?

    yes? or No ?...why?


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    Nick Allison

    Might be the wrong place, but I canfind nowhere else.
    If my tracking device fails half way round, how can I add in the missing sections to the Map View, and then at least get a definitive Distance Summary. I can do the Time from a clock, but as I run vastly different routes and locations all the time, I have little real idea how far I have gone.

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    Heather Cooper

    I keep getting "an error has occured" when I try to access some of my workouts. Some work fine, others do not. It seems to happen when I change the attached route (e.g. I accidentally click the wrong route on my phone app and fix it via the web interface.). This has only happened in the last week or so; previously it was fine even with the new interface.

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    Pedro Trindade

    i also have the same problem of unable to open some workouts. I believe that is also related to change the route by web interface.

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    Julius G

    Events gone. How disappointing... :(
    Thank you for adding useless features like twitter integration, and removing the ones I love.

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    Piotr Drewnik

    I've just cancelled my premium subscription...

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    Danielle Reed

    Is there a way to change the day of the week start from Monday to Sunday?

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    Barak Mendelevich

    How can I share my workout data via email (send a link to a specific workout)?
    seems like this option does not exist anymore !

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    Jakob Danielsen

    Hello. I have trouble transferring data from my garmin watch for my Endomondo account. Until Monday , I could go into the "add training" followed "impoter file from" - in this I was able to find a shortcut to my garmin watch. The shortcut is now gone and I can only find the shortcut to the data stored on your computer . Why do I experience it and what is the solution to my problem?

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    Tonni Olsen

    How can i come back to the old history page, i don't like the new one.

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    Stoc Ago

    I tried the new page and don't like it! I want the classic view! Best distances cannot be viewed from mobile! Not everyone has a desktop! Please allow classic view as an option. It's not allowing me to switch back. Maybe Endomondo will offer the classic view for a fee!

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    Manuel Salazar

    I want the old page, the new one is not showing all the items. Your, and I said 'your', new page have some cool things but, I PREFER THE OLD ONE!

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    Trond Gjerde

    Strange, suddenly i can't create Team challenges, any info regarding this??
    Rgs Trond

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    Mette Marie Parling

    I would like to get the old History page back, there are missing something in the new one.

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    Tomasz Badowski

    Dear Endomondo,

    I would just like let you know that, as many others, I resigned from Premium subscription. The reason is more than obvious - I hate the new layout. The user interface is less intuitive, the features are missing, etc. etc.

    If you care about users' opinions and if you want them the pay for Premium please restore the classic view.


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