Android App update 11.3.2

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    Jesus Rodrigo Corrêa

    After update my voice is wrong, I choice portuguese and I have listened Italian.

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    Simone Araujo

    The brasilian portugueses was working fine before the update, but now it is not translating the words, only the numbers.

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    Mark Chester

    App won't accept my password. It works fine on the web site, but I get "Invalid Password" when I try to log in on the app.

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    Miłosz Podsiadło

    after loging in on app it crashes. i tried with 5 different versions of endomondo and still nothing.. i have samsung galaxy S5 runing on 5.0 lollipop
    it works fine on my old galaxy S2 and was fine on my S5 till last update.
    i tried to uninstall it and instal again and nothing..

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    Zhi Zhang

    Great app! It is the No. 1 running software I use on my phone. Do you have any plan to add Chinese audio coach language in the new version?

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    Amadeu Morais

    After upgrading the phone lower the sound, I can not listen to the instructions and when they call me

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    Timo Soikkeli

    Nice app but it doesn't track the GPS with the screen on. GPS tracking starts right away when display goes off. LG G3, 5.0 Lollipop. And even with premium subscription, Endomondo people don't bother to answer to support ticket. Worked fine before.

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    Leslie Barrett

    The Android app will not load on my Moto X since it updated to Lollipop. I uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone, reinstalled the app, rebooted the phone. The app worked once after that and then wouldn't load. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app again (without the phone reboot). The app worked once after that and won't reload again.

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    Jia-Yan Su

    After upload my workout, the app will crash when read the latest date.
    The record which read on website are fragmented. My phone is HTC J, OS Android 4.1.1

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    rob b

    maybe they can get this darn ap working on the moto'x again and then i might use it....

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