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    Adam Peretti

    Are there plans to include heart rate data to Google Fit? It would be nice to see, since Google Fit's API is fairly well developed. Cheers!

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    Endo James

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I'm sorry, but we don't have any immediate plans for including more data.
    You can post your feature request here: (Please select “Feature requests” from the drop list) and have other users vote for it, or you can vote for it, if it already exists (use the search option in the upper right hand corner)


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    Adam Peretti

    No problem. I will subit the request, but for now the Tapiriik sync will hold me over. Thanks for the great update!

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    Kostadin Basliev

    Every workout that i made this days ...did not add to challenge that is going what is the problem ??????

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    Fasil Seyoum

    I just bought the Jabra Sport Pulse and signed up for a free account with Endomondo.

    I have tried to setup Endomondo to receive heart rate stats from the Jabra Sport Pulse for hours without any luck. I have followed the guide from Endomondo and I have ensured that the HR monitor is actually working.

    I connect and pair the headset with my phone, I go into Endomondo and in settings I choose accessories and then Bluetooth SMART. But when I scan to find the headset it does not appear.

    Please help me out if you can. This is getting very frustrating.

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    Tomasz Maksymiak

    I have this version of the application and does not work for me standard audio trainer and snooze

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    Cory Sederlund

    When will you have a stand alone app for Samsung Gear S? It would be nice to track route without a phone.


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    Tal Goldshtein

    i already use version 11.2.2.
    i find it impossible to veiw comments on my phone (LG G3)

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    Michał Kowal

    I don't know what is going on but the app keep on shutting down during workouts without any notice. It is just randomly off and i have to restart the workout to keep tracking but it is really getting on my nerves. I recently updated to Android 5.0 on my Xperia Z1 can it be the issue? Please help!

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    vitus lobkowicz

    Thanks for new version, still MIO speed / cadence ANT+ sensor does not work :/

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    Balázs Fehér

    Hi Endomondo,

    last updated (version 11.2.1) app works terrible on android wear device. I use Endomondo on LG Nexus 5 (android 5.1.1) and LG G Watch R. After start on watch, GPS is disable, but on mobile GPS is working. If I would like to close app, always show a X in red circle. After second start work right. But sometimes, the app on watch run itself.
    I tried resync app, but didn't help. Please help!

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    Abhishek Mishra

    Can workouts be imported from Google Fit to Endomondo? or is it just one way Endo to Fit?

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    Nick W

    "Beat yourself" still not working properly. This version now shows the time and distance of the run you want to beat when you select it but the "Pace" indicator which used to change to show how you are doing doesn't change. I don't use the voice features so I don't know if it reads out or not.

    This is using pro.

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    Hi, I just wonder why Endomondo (intentionally?) dropped the support of all ANT+ sensors but the heartrate monitor. I even thought of upgrading to the premium version. Now I am closer to looking for an alternative, as I am thinking of purchasing a ANT+ enabled phone as well as thoses sensors and use them on my bike.

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    Albeiro De Jesus Herrera Lora

    Por donde coloco el nombre de la ruta, con la ultima actualización de perdió la casilla

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    Piotr Tokarski

    Will someone explain to me why I did not get free Premium months for new users? I sent link to two persons and they registered, but until now no sign of free months! I asked two times already via helpdest, but Endomondo team is not replying to me at all.

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    Esteve Marín Díaz

    Hi Sebastian!! My name Esteve Marin, I'm using PRO.
    While running this version I could always change the application language to Spanish, until it has stopped supporting it.
    When I had to make the switch to Free version said should recognize all the same functions of a Pro user and apply no more. Well I guess if I had before the Spanish language, now available, I might not know how to change it.
    I ask for help you tell me how I can do to change it or where I can download the application directly is Spanish because in Google Play tells me that the application is in Spanish "and what is not."
    Many thanks for your attention,
    Cordial greetings
    Esteve Marin

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    Jörgen P

    I've been going out for some training (running) several times now en Endomondo just stops the training. Is this a know issue at the moment. I really love to keep record of my trainings.

    Using the app on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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    Ståle A. Haverstadløkken

    Endomondo transfer circuit training as "other" in Google fit. Please fix it.

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    Koen Van Loo

    When syncing to Google Fit, my steps count disappears. I suppose Endomondo syncs is as Zero Steps. Could you please fix this?

    It would be great if Heart Rates where synced too!

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    Zsolt Huba

    When will be available this version in Amazon Appstore? is the latest at the moment.

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    Jarosław Juda

    After upgrade the app became unstable. It shuts down unexpectedly. No audio coach, only beeps in interval training. Android 5.0 Huawei P8 Lite

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    Mach Meela

    M failing to login from the icon

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    Mats Karpestam

    This is really annoying. I have had 2 runs where the data was never uploaded from my SmartWatch 3 to my Xperia z3 compact. They just seems to be lost! Is there a workaround?

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    Tomasz Bońkowski

    Endo nie publikuje treningów na fb

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    Helen Stewart

    How can I connect to Google fit? I downloaded from the Galaxy app store and previously had Google fit connection but it seems to have gone again.

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    George Howell

    I got version 11.2.2 and now it does not boot up.

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    Jerzy Karwacki

    Dlaczego brak wskazań treningu za dzień 24 07 2015 oraz 29 08 2015 raz na jakiś czas zdarza się taka sytuacja CO SIĘ DZIEJE

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    Sharon Light-Delegate

    very nice to announce you have sync but it doesn't work.
    to be honest i have tried a few apps to connect and nothing sync with Endomondo .
    I feel sorry I have bought the pro version while you disable the pro and created a monthly payment.
    I feel sorry I have trusted Endomondo to collect all my workout cause its like communism. everything stay only inside and closed to the outside world :(
    And no support in Endomondo ... :(

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