Android app update 11.1.3

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    Daniel Brown

    I use the Beat yourself option but this stopped working after previous update, it is still not working after this this update. I have uninstalled removed all data on phone then reinstalled, this made no difference. I use a HTC one m8

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    (nom non indiqué)

    GPS localisation lost. The GPS on sony smartwatch 3 is working 20 minutes and then localisation is disabled. Don't know if it's related to this update (reproduced twice), or new android 5.1.1 or sony smartwatch.

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    (nom non indiqué)

    On XDA, Losing GPS problem could be related to Sony smartwatch.

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    Fred Brandon

    What has happened to the Beat Yourself option. It no longer loads the requested event. Suggestions?

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    Juraj Jankuliak

    Hi, not sure if you have problem with GPS signal too, but with this version I'm losing the GPS signal during any sport of LG Spirith. It is possibel to go back to some oldest version ? before there were no problems like this and seems I ned to uninstal Endomondo because it doesn't work correctly.

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    (nom non indiqué)

    yes GPS problem too.

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    Juraj Jankuliak

    I saw that I had version 11.1.2 same problems...and today I reinstaled it to 11.1.3. Will test it and will see, but seems this is problem with version. I try two others trackers and there are no problems with GPS. Have Nokia with old version 9 and no problem with GPS too.

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    Sam Blackwood

    I got different distances when I cycled the same route that I walked. The actual route was 3.5 miles which was correct when used the app with cycling option, but when I did the same route using the walking option is said that I had done 4.5 miles.
    My other half did the same walk and her Endomondo said that she had done 3.5 miles.
    What's going on with the GPS tracking?

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    (nom non indiqué)

    I tried yesterday with another GPS tracker like ghostracer and same problem (after 40mn). If you have problem with a galaxy s4 seems a problem with android.

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    Kevin Maley

    sorry to see that if i want the audio coach i have to pay for it.
    not happy about that.

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    Mark Belstadt

    the app has lately been shutting off during my workouts, I do not discover this until I am done and look at the phone - very discouraging!

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    Bob D

    Garmin speed/cadence sensor STILL not working. Just tell us the truth if you're no longer supporting it

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    Isabel Pineda

    Problemas con el gps.
    La medición de distancia que hace varía en comparación con otros móviles, independientemente del modelo que sea.
    Es decir...a una distancia recorrida de 7 kms varía unos 300 metros...en una distancia recorrida de 10 kms varía más de 700 metros.
    Sucede sea la práctica seleccionada que sea.

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    André Ibiapina Feitoza

    Funciona com a xiaomi miband ? work with xiaomi miband?

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    random dude Anonymous

    If you're having GPS lock problems on Android (as I was), follow the instructions here:

    I cleared out my A-GPS using GPS Test Plus, then reloaded it. You can also clear/reload A-GPS with the program Endomondo recommends, GPS Status & Toolbox. That fixed my problem -- Endomondo (EM) now sees the GPS data and reports distance correctly.

    I don't know why clearing/reloading A-GPS only affected EM. Nor does it make sense to me that EM needs correct A-GPS data; in the absence of correct ASSISTED-GPS data (meant to increase cold-lock time or assist with an indoors lock), the phone should default first to check for satellite data. Like when driving or using a fitness program outdoors where there's lots of GPS signal and not much Wi-Fi.

    • Why did Endomondo report an initial location?
    My guess is when EM reported a location at my house, it was A-GPS based off my WIFI router, previously geo-located by Google. Once away from the house (and the wifi signal), EM would not read the GPS signal from the satellites, defaulting to A-GPS first and only and refusing to look at the sky. EM tracking returned when I entered my front yard, thus only 50 feet of data / 31 calories burned. The A-GPS could not work with cell towers because it's an old / deactivated phone in airplane mode but with wifi on. Basically, a hand-held tablet.

    • Side Note on A-GPS
    My old wifi router was tagged by Google as being in Texas. I moved it to my parents rural house in New York. Amusingly when I'm in upstate NY with wifi turned on my phone, the phone pulls up incorrect weather and maps/routing until I turn off wifi and get a GPS signal from the sky.

    • My initial Problem
    Phone 1 -- Samsung Note 4 (Sprint)
    — Works fine with all version of Endomondo, even when buried in my pocket, cycling.

    Phone 2 -- Samsung Galaxy S4 (Sprint model sph-l720 / android 4.4.2) in Airplane mode/wifi on (deactivated phone)
    — All versions of 10 and even 11.0 worked fine
    — After updating to 11.1.3, Endomondo no longer tracks GPS
    — June 10 and June 11 runs were spotty; it would pick up and drop the signal. June 12 run didn't work at all.
    — I have tried rebooting the S4. It got worse (doesn't connect to GPS signal at all now).
    — When I run with the Galaxy s4, the phone is in my hand, out in the open. It should be a better signal, but instead it's dead.
    — I left it on the car, and got a lock, ran 15 minutes, got home and saw....31 calories burned / 0.0 miles run. I believe it located me based on my WiFi router (A-GPS), and would not read the GPS signal.

    • Troubleshooting the Galaxy S4
    — I have tried standing outside with the Endomondo seeing no GPS signal, then switching to other mapping apps (Google Maps, Maverick Maps, GPS Test Plus). All other apps except Endomoondo can see a perfect GPS signal.

    — Currently sitting inside my house, next to my computer, and switching the Galaxy S4 between apps:
    — — GPS Test Plus is reporting 18 satellites, 9 in use, and a 3D fix
    — — Endomondo can't get a fix and just says "Locating....."

    • Solution: See top of this post for my successful solution.

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    Richard G

    Endomondo stated I lost GPS signals on two of my rides since the update. I run strava also and continue to receive GPS signals. It is not my GPS reception on my phone, is this software .

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    Günther Pedersen

    Since the last couple of updates, I am unable to retreive the pulse meassurement from my "LG G Watch R".
    It doesn't show on the watch and doesn't show on my smartphone.
    It just shows an "_" (underscore).
    The "Show my heart rate" function in the watch itself works ok.
    The pulse reading has been strange at times, but now "no reading" is worse.

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    Peter Gombala

    I have the GPS issues, too. Endomondo says that GPS signal is OK, when I'm stariting the workout (usualy running). When I finish and check the workout, there are missing about 100-150 metres at the beginning. This also has impact on Total distance, avg. pace and other stats. I check it with the other software and GPS signal is still good, but Endomondo doesn't write that data.

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    Dale Howard

    Why was the ability to edit workouts in the app removed? Need to be able to do this for stationary workouts like treadmill running.

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    Dane Manes

    From your Facebook app page (with my screenshots):

    Dear Endomondo team, I like your app, and would love to sign up for a premium membership -- if it weren't for the broken ANT+ support. You introduced the "King of Android updates" in mid-2014 with a rewritten ANT+ stack that, in retrospect, has major problems. I see posts from users trying desperately to find v9 of your application with a functional ANT+ connection.
    My problem is simpler -- I really like your Android Wear support, and for that I need v11 fixed. Please see my screenshots below showing ANT+ sensors working perfectly with my Garmin CSC-10 sensor, and your almost perfect app seeing the sensor and failing to connect.
    I work in IT, and am only too happy to help you and your team debug this and get it fixed for the community. Help me to help you!

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    Rafal Moderski

    I have the same problem as Mark Belstadt. The application stopped registering the progress during workout. This already happened twice last week. The side effect is that it starts to play music when it breaks, which is very strange since I never wanted the music to be played. My phone is SO
    ony Xperia SP.

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    Michał Kowal

    I have the issue of application stopping during workout. It's totally random and without any notice - it just stops working and it's really annoying. I recently updated my Xperia Z1 with the android 5.0.3. Can it be the issue or it is more on Endomondo side?
    Please help!

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    Nikolaj Borg

    I have also experienced the app shutting down shortly after startup - and reporting runtimes of exactly one minutes each time. Also, the beat yourself feature has stopped working, too. Uninstall and reinstall did not solve this problem.

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    Romuald Szarkowicz

    I confirm that ANT+ speed/cadence sensor still not working. Please fix it.

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    Yogesh Kulkarni

    Android App is quite buggy. Showed wrong route, wrong distance (gps was on/off), wrong pace (it actually fluctuates drastically, 3 to 8 to...)...I thought Runtastic was bad (due to very odd audio feedback), but Endomodo beats it hands down. Please improve.

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    Simone Bussoni

    Please give us complete bugfix change log. I'm paying 6 euro at month and the app is very buggy. I'm a customer and I need to know what you have solved. Thanks

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    Charles Dias

    After putting the key to access the Premiun application, I realized that the Endomondo started having aa loss of GPS signal often not properly marking the percorrrida away. How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you,


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